SYNOPSIS Catena is a trip through five episodes, each one containing another genre. While all episodes build up on each other and lead to a dramatic climax, the separate parts tell stories on their own. The film portrays the principle of causality and shows how just a little decision can change your life forever - or put an end to it.Catena is a tour de force of drama, comedy, horror, thriller and does contain a love story aswell - a bad and gritty one. A bunch of people who have never heard o each other before, who have never met and who have nothing in common get tied together by fate and by their own decisions which are able to devastate the lifes of the others. In the end, Catena is an indie-film which tries to explore new ways of narration and yet it still can grab the audiences attention just like a chilling tension- and humor-filled flick with its wave at mainstream.
This movie is one of a kind. I did not see something like that in the US.” Trierischer Volksfreund “Due to the fast changes in action and characters, the viewer has to adjust his point of view permanently.”
CAST Tim Olrik Stöneberg Evi Amon Guido Grollmann Klaus-Michael Nix Helmut Leyendecker Miklos Horvath Bruno Winzen Manfred-Paul Hänig Rami Abu-Issa Tali Barde Angela Fischer Lisa Sophie Kusz Sara Freihoff Falko Jakobs Jan Krüger
    CREW      ·Produktion: Skyroad Films      ·Regie: Falko Jakobs      ·Kamera, Schnitt & Musik: Falko jakobs      ·Produktionsleitung,       Kamerabühne & Co- Regie:  Lars Ostermann      ·Ausführende Produzenten: Lars Ostermann & Falko Jakobs      ·Buch: Falko Jakobs & Lars Ostermann      ·Pressebetreuung & Marketing: Gerrit Wustmann      ·Susann Gohsmann - SFX, Setbetreuung      ·Ralf Streitbürger   -   Oberbeleuchter      ·Oliver Täubrich   -   Beleuchter      ·Sandra Derwenskus   -   Beleuchterin      ·Tim Harlinghausen   -   Beleuchtungsassistent      ·Kati Winkler   -   Ausstattung      ·Falko Jakobs  -  Ton/Mastering      ·Jürgen Ostermann   -   Catering      ·Svenja Wolff   -   Ausstattung Assistentin      ·Markus Rettler   -   Beleuchter      ·Lars Ostermann   -   Kamerabühne      ·Lars Ostermann   -   Produktionsleitung      ·Lars Ostermann   -   Beleuchter      ·Andreas Naumann   -   Baubühne
DATA Titel: CATENA Language : German (english subt.) Running Time: ca. 75min Picture: 16:9 Yeras of production: 2009-2010 Camera: Sony PMW EX1 & EX3 / Canon Eos 5D Sound: PCM Stereo 2.0 Format: MFX - 23,976 fps/1920*1080 (Full HD) Rating: no rating
CONTACT Falko Jakobs Distribution Falko Jakobs Am Mittelweg 3 52388 Nörvenich Falko Jakobs Tel: 0170 24 29 200
DISTRIBUTION CATENA was produced by Skyroad Films and will be released at Falko Jakobs Distribution